VOIP Penetratio


VOIP Security Assessment can assist you to discover the security flaws that are often missed in your VOIP infrastructure through a detailed security analysis for the configuration of your VOIP infrastructure to ensure that your systems are not exposed to attacks by adversaries.

Protect Your VOIP Infrastructure!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified communications are modern day technologies used for telecommunications that are used by many organizations that meets tbe current business needs, however it may introduce additional potential security threats across multiple levels, such as toll fraud, call tracking, unauthorized recording and listening to phone calls, gaining access to the internal networks and social engineering attacks. Moreover, now a days many VoIP systems are distributed online which may increase the risks of being targeted by adversaries who could be able to spy on the confidential phone calls.

At CyberDeans we can assess your VOIP infrastructure and evaluate the VoIP components deployed from a security perspective including investigating for the authentication mechanisms, as well as the potential interception, interruption or manipulation of the exchanged information between the client and VoIP server to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the environment.

What You Get!

The final deliverable is a comprehensive report with an executive summary and a list of technical vulnerabilities, prioritised by risk. The vulnerabilities will have recommendations for remediation.


Identify vulnerabilities in your VOIP systems and discover whether adversary may leverage it to compromise the infrastrcture

Defend against voice phishing and identity theft scams

Determine the current security posture of your VoIP infrastrcutre

Gain insights into the potential threats that adversaries might incur by compromising your VoIP systems