Code Review

Source code review is your gate to discover hidden, hard-to-find vulnerabilities within your application that regular blackbox tests usually miss.

Why Source Code Review?

With source code review, you ensure that your application goes under thorough analysis to discover security issues that can be easily missed during the regular blackbox or even greybox penetration tests.

At CyberDeans, we have developed our own testing methodology that implements a hybrid approach using a combination of high-end automated tools and exhaustive manual inspection to spot the light on the hard-to-find security vulnerabilities and improve the security posture of your application.



In a regular penetration testing, a large amount of time is spent in fuzzing and testing parameters to detect and understand the behavior of the application and decide whether or not a certain function is vulnerable to certain attack. All this time can be saved with source code review since access to the entire code base is already avaiable


Access to source code makes it possible to cover all portions of the application including areas that couldn't be covered in a regular penetration test such as complex scenarios, data storage and transporation handling, internal archeticture, frameworks, etc. It also make it possible to identify hidden flaws such as cryptographic issues, insecure design flaws and other insecure coding practices


Perfroming penetration tests against production environment makes it hard to cover all test cases, and setting up a staging/development environment can be expensive and time-consuming. This can be avoided using source code review since it does not require a dedicated environment