We carry out in-depth malware analysis to understand how it can get inside the perimeter, how it works and impacts the infected system.

Know Your Adversaries... Protect Your Assets!

From malicious email attachments and executables stopped by your firewalls to files dropped over a USB stick or a CD, malwares can be delivered in various ways and take several forms. The bigger your organization grows, the higher the possibility to be hit by one of those malwares.

Whether you want to fully recover from an attack or understand what your adversaries intended to achieve, comprehensive anaylsis is necessary to fully comprehend malware's behavior, impact on infected systems and how it can be used to get inside your infrastructure's perimter. Comprehensive malware analysis does not only help you understand what it does to your system, but also set a group of rules for future detection and prevention of malware's family to help you stay ahead of your adversaries.

What You Get!

Our team of experienced reverse engineers and malware analysts perform comprehensive analysis of the malware sample using both manual and automated approaches to fully understand malware's behavior and provide you with a detailed report with the results of the analysis, a list of recommendations on how to mitigate similar attacks in the future which contains the following:

Malware operation algorithm and functionality

Possible impact on the infected system

Analysis of additional modules, downloaded from the Internet

Comparison with other samples of malware

Results of C&C servers detection and blocking

Recommendations on malware removal